Recruitment software for every company

Faster matching to make great hires for small, medium business and large enterprises. That’s what our recruitment software stands for.

Careerbox has a bunch of tools
to organize your recruitment

Recruitment Software matching your candidates efficiently.
Compare us to the Swiss knife for recruiting.

Job posts

Posting a job feels like a breeze. With predefined fields you’ll have your first job public in no-time!

Job posting

Candidates are automatically added in the right folder when they send their application. Goodbye cut & paste!

Matching of candidates

Also, goodbye with guessing: you’ll see which candidates scores best in a blink.

Matching of candidates
Evaluations and notes

Each candidate in the system gets an evaluation page. You’ll be able to give him or her a rating and the possibility to add notes during a job interview.

Notes and evaluations

All candidates who send their application are kept in your database. With the search options in our Talentpool you’ll find that wanted profile very quickly.

In-app messaging

A recruiter can take direct contact with the desired candidate. All conversations are bundled in Careerbox.

In-app messaging
Integration in your website

Finally: your own job board, attached to your site. The integration is set up in no-time, giving you the possibility to post jobs onto your online environment. Our support is stand-by to help you out!

Integration in your site
White labeled job board

Colors and logo’s: branding your company (or brand) is a key feature at Careerbox. We take care of the complete picture, making your recruitment software fits your marketing.

White labeled job board
SLA & Support

No software without support. We’re providing updates under the hood and new features on regular times. A listening ear to your requests is a must, so we’re open for suggestions. 

SLA & Support
Elevate your recruitment. Our plans start at only €30/month!

Recruitment solutions for every size of company

Careerbox is build to be able to grow with the size of your company. Start of with a simple job board and finish with a full-service recruitment software.

Functional and a beauty for the eye.

A modern look & feel make you feel at home. Your application software will be completely up-to-date with the newest technologies.

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